• Processed pickled Black Pepper, Ground
  • Processed pickled Black Pepper, Whole
  • Pickled Black paper with natural spice flavors


Pickled black pepper is processed which is a 600 year old processing system. We underwent a series of trials on pickling the pepper and now we are exporting to japan and Europe. There are no preservatives Added to the pepper.

Compared to the traditional black pepper powder, these products taste totally different, as they have a fresh and fleshy flavor. The Pickled Black Pepper can be sprinkled on fruits (like avocado and pineapple & Apple), boiled egg, fried egg, tofu, boiled vegetables, fresh vegetable salads, meats & fish, boiled/ roasted or fried, barbeques, and many more.

These products are very popular in Japan, Europe. Our Processed Pickled Black Pepper ranked as one of the top 5 food products in Tokyo, Japan, in 2011. And now our pepper products are being used in all Exclusive five star hotels and airlines in Europe and Japan.