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Sri Lankan Tea

Regions where tea grows in Sri Lanka

Over eighteen years the company has carefully segmented its customer base, identified the special needs of each category and created products and services to meet their changing needs.

We have employed professional tea tasters to identify our buyers’ required teas. They personally visit the relevant tea estates and factories and after the selection of the teas we purchase them. We also purchase from the world’s largest auction in Colombo.

Nuwara Eliya - Elevation: 6000 ft

Leafy Grade, has an excellent flavour, aroma and the brew is comparatively light, ideal for plain tea.

Dimbula Tea - Elevation: 5000-6000 ft

Tea with a beautiful colour and full body, which has the finest character and rich in colour. Coloury tea from lower elevation of Dimbula with beautiful flowery aroma. Ideal with milk.

Uva Tea - Elevation: 4000 ft

World famous brand. Has quite an outstanding flavour with fresh aroma of leaves.

Kandy Tea - Elevation: 2000-4000

It has beautiful colour and strength. Ideal with milk Mild, balanced flavour with a beautiful orange colour. Ideal for Ice tea and arranged teas.

Ruhuna Tea

Plantations range from the tropical rain forest to the south western coast, these teas are served to those who like a thick sweet brew with or without milk.

Bio Tea

Chemical free (organic) tea produced in High Lands of Sri Lanka.

Flavored Tea

High grown tea with world popular flavours.

Green Tea

Healthy high grown green tea.

White Tea

Grown in High Lands of Srilanka.

Exclusive Tea from the High Lands of Srilanka

Golden Tips & Silver Tips Knotted Tea, Oolong Tea, Silver Stem Tea,White peony, Tea urchins,Silver Rings.