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Michiko & Pani Company is a Tea & Spice exporting company based in Kandy situated in central hills of Sri Lanka which is also known as the Tea & Spice Country of Sri Lanka. Our Teas are Un blended pure quality single estate teas which could be compared to a single malt whiskey. Our quality teas are personally tasted and selected by our experts according to our customer requirements.

This same method applies for spices as well. Our main export markets are Japan, Germany, Wales, Slovenia & Italy. We export gift tea sets, Flavored Teas sets in Wooden Boxes and Tea & Spices Sets to our exclusive Tea buyers in Tokyo since year 1996.

We also supply Teas to the local super markets and to some Exclusive Tourist Shops & Hotel Shops. All our teas supplied to the local tea shops are Single Estate Unblended Pure Ceylon Black Teas. 

We pack our Tea in different packages such as Tea packed in:

tea in wooden box
Wooden box
tea in a reed basket sri lanka
Reed Basket
tea bags
Tea Bags
tea in caddies
Tea in caddies
tea packed in gift boxes
Tea packed in gift boxes
flavoured tea in wooden boxes
Tea packed in gift boxes
tea packed in aluminium foil
Tea packed in Aluminium Foil

Our main Tea products are as follows:

Although our core business lies with tea, we are also in the Spice Center of Sri Lanka where mainly following spices are grown and we supply these products.

White/ Black Pepper